About Us


We are Lecoster, a small family business with a mission to put an end to a very annoying household issue. Furniture damaging spills and coasters which stick to your glass are a nightmare, which is why we have put time and effort into creating the right product to prevent this.

Our coasters are made out of ceramic, this makes them highly durable and eco-friendly. Ceramic’s main property is its high level of porousness, which is why all that condensation formed on your glass will be easily absorbed. Having a cork backing, means your furniture will be protected from any scratching and damage. The unique and beautiful designs are printed with a UV printing system using natural eco-friendly ink. This technique makes it possible for the colours to look vibrant without fading with exposure to the sun.

We are very proud of our product and would love you to be part of our journey. Whether it is for a gift, an office or your own home, enjoy the coasters and share your thoughts with us.